About Us

We are based in Brisbane, Australia. We were surprised to find so little available in bedding; something that would look good, while maintaining a high degree of quality and comfort but not costing the earth...

After a trip to the UK and finding some great bedding from ShipShape – we are happy to say that we can bring this very sensibly priced nautical marine boat bedding to you. Seabeds are the distributor for ShipShape Bedding throughout Australia and New Zealand. We currently stock their duvets & covers, fitted sheets, pillow cases, mattress protectors & their fantastic product DRY-MAT®

*If you are placing an order from outside of Australia or New Zealand please visit ShipShape Bedding.

About Ship Shape Bedding

Ship Shape Bedding was set up by round-the-world yachting couple Paul and Angela Hallatt.

 "No one likes sleeping in a sleeping bag for any length of time and normal rectangular duvets means that both sides at your feet are folded over making three layers on your feet - very hot and uncomfortable!"

"Our Ship Shape Bedding range of Duvets and fitted sheets are the same shape as the cabins' beds and as such do away with all the unwanted excess. - The result a neater cabin, an end to sweaty feet, less storage space needed and best of all.... a GREAT NIGHTS SLEEP!"