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    About Our DRY-Mat

    DRY-Mat works better than slats, is better for your mattress, easier to fit, allows you to access your lockers and is much more cost effective.

    Simply place DRY-Mat between your boat's mattress and its solid base to stop condensation building up and therefore preventing the formation of mould and mildew. This will freshen your cabin air and prolong the life of your mattress.

    The thousands of individual micro springs promote constant airflow under the mattress while you sleep.

    As you move in your sleep your mattress yields to your pressure points. This gently compresses and releases the springs in the DRY-Mat, forcing the air around and out.

    • DRY-Mat can be washed at up to 60oC - the temperature that kills bed mites
    • DRY-Mat is just 10-12mm thick and, unlike wooden slats, will not lift your mattress above the fiddles that hold it in place. Access to lockers is also easily accommodated cutting on 3 sides of a square to form a flap, or simply cutting out the locker shape and attaching it to the locker lid.
    • DRY-Mat is 100% man made in the UK and, unlike some so called natural products, DRYMat does not degrade or lose structure over time.
    • DRY-Mat takes just 5 minutes to fit - simply cut it to fit using normal household scissors. Any off-cuts are easily joined together using small cable ties or cord. assuring there will be minimal wastage.
    • While DRY-Mat is most often used under mattresses it is also used under seats, cockpit cushions, behind seat backs, dogs baskets, bottom of lockers, in fact anywhere that damp is found.
  • DRY-Mat
  • DRY-Mat

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