• Single Duvet Quarter Berth

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    Shaped to fit your yacht or motor boat – a must for neat and tidy cabinets and stop that unwanted excess in V berth cabins.

    Duvets are available in both 10.5 TOG and 4.5 TOG. Ship Shape Bedding duvets are made in the UK from hypoallergenic machine washable hollow fibre and are exceptionally light and cosy.

    What does Tog mean?

    A 'tog' is a UK industry standard name used for measuring the warmth of a duvet. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet.

    Togs are measured in units of thermal resistance. For instance if a duvet has a tog rating of 4.5 then it would be more likely be used in the summer months. And at the other end of the scale, a duvet with a tog rating of 10.5 would be used in the colder months of the year

    Choosing a Duvet

    1) Duvets are not “planks of wood” - they do not need to fit exactly: 

    When looking at the size guide remember that a duvet will largely take the shape of the bed it is on.  Single duvets, in particular, need to be larger than the bed to be able to go around the person.  But a standard household duvet is much too big as is designed to overhang on both sides of the bed.

    2) Duvets from home used on a boat:

    In the forward/bow/V berth cabin standard double household duvets can be as much as 120cm too wide at the foot end.

    Used on a boats rectangular berth they can be as much as 60cm too wide.

    3) We all sleep under duvets the same way:

    When we are hot at home we put a foot or leg out to cool down. When we cool down in the night we roll over and draw our leg back in without waking-up.  We should be able to sleep like this on board too!

    Under a standard household duvet on a boat there is much excess duvet folded at the foot end -making the natural process of cooling down almost impossible.

    Choosing a duvet that is the right shape for the berth will enable you to keep cool, make the beds more easily and maintain tidier cabins.

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